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Create a Winning Value Added Network for Your Company

With today’s technology at your fingertips and the demands of the current business climate, it can feel as though you are being pulled in many different directions at once. Managing every aspect of customer service and interactions, along with keeping costs low, can make it challenging to meet all your customer and business needs.

Optimize IT Processes and Reduce Costs

Value Added Networks (VAN) are a proven and reliable way of transmitting EDI data between trading partners, streamlining how businesses communicate with each other.
Tangentia Grid is a VAN that’s powered by the IBM Sterling Information Broker. Our solution serves as a single back-end communications platform that supports VAN connections, Drummond Group-certified AS2 communications, and FTP and SFTP hosting.


What Can Tangentia Grid Do for You?

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Leverage the Reliability of IBM’s
Sterling B2B Collaboration Network

With the use of MVP, you can use an iterative approach to quickly get the simplest version of a product into the hands of your customers, test it, and make improvements, before sending out to be tested again. This agile method of delivery provides quick results.

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One Backend Platform for
All Your EDI Connections

Every trading partner has its own EDI communication requirements. Communicate and stay in sync with your trading partners with seamless EDI connections. Whether you need a VAN connection, AS2, FTP, or SFTP connections, Tangentia Grid can handle all of these connections from a single, convenient backend platform.

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24/7 Helpdesk Support

Get the support when you need it most. Tangentia offers 24/7 production support, with access to our North American support team from 7 am to 7pm EST. Our North American helpdesk support is available by phone, chat, and email, so you always have access to reliable support whenever you need it.

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Cost-effective Pricing Plans

Why pay for more output than you need? Tangentia helps its customers minimize their EDI costs by offering scalable, flat-fee tier pricing. Our solutions ensure that you only pay for what you use. You never have to worry about going over your EDI budget for annual licensing fees and maintenance contracts.

Key Benefits of Tangentia Grid?

99.99% uptime guarantee with our global support structure
Reliability of IBM Sterling B2B Network
Free migration assistance from your current provider

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