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Tangentia Cloud Application Development

Tangentia AppWorks you can see through your business strategies to the end, especially when packaged software does not adequately address your requirements.

Application Development Outsourcing ensures that geography no longer poses a hurdle. In fact, application outsourcing is a burgeoning industry in itself. Tangentia’s Enterprise Application Development Practice (AppWorks) develops solutions within the context of your business objectives and strategies

Tangentia Cloud Applications

Outsourced product development Services

affordable and accelerated delivery helping organizations to focus on their core business

New Product Design and Development

Engagements focus on what matters so you can realize benefits sooner

Software Product Testing

Utilizing leading edge test methodologies and techniques to develop high coverage test suite

Product Feature Enhancement

stay nimble to maintain and improve your product competitive edge

Reasons to use Tangentia Cloud Services


Fifteen years’ experience developing, deploying and maintaining cloud applications.


Built over executing successful projects for global customers.


Provided through multiple delivery and commercial models for cloud services.

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