IBM Sterling Order Management System

Keeping track of essential order management challenges requires a robust solution that’s designed to meet and improve key business processes and customer expectations. The IBM Sterling OMS gives your organization everything it needs to create streamlined order management processes, better visibility for inventory and service availability, and more—within a streamlined platform.

What Is IBM Sterling OMS?

The IBM Sterling Order Management System (OMS) allows companies to seamlessly synchronize and manage the complete life-cycle of an order. This system acts as a central hub that allows for real-time monitoring, tracking, and
modification of an order through its entire life cycle.

Upgrade Your Order Management System With a Complete Solution

Tangentia can help your organization implement IBM Sterling’s OMS to reduce errors, automate tasks, increase customer satisfaction, and improve the scalability of your order management system.

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Visibility and Control

IBM Sterling’s OMS allows you to integrate internal applications such as ERP systems,shipping and ecommerce platforms, and consolidate disparate order fulfillment processes. Provide complete visibility and control across multiple geographies and suppliers, direct orders based on deliveries, locations, and more.

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Custom Integrations

You need an order management system that suits the specific needs of your business. Tangentia has over a decade of experience in the industry, and we can help your company create custom integrations that will let you take advantage of everything that IBM Sterling’s OMS has to offer.

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24/7 Integration and Updates

Never worry about outdated software again. With Tangentia, you have access to a dedicated support team whenever you need it. Our EDI specialists provide 24/7 technical support and will diagnose problems, fix them, and identify other weaknesses in your systems—so you never need to worry about downtime for your essential systems.

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Full Omnichannel Capabilities

Ecommerce as we know it is constantly evolving. Stay ahead of the curve with a custom OMS that supports all the marketplaces that you rely on to stay competitive. Our teams will help you optimize your processes, automate manual tasks, and identify new ways to help you drive even more value out of your systems.

Why Tangentia for Your Next IBM Project?

For the last 16 years Tangentia has been recognized as an IBM Business Platinum Partner. During this time we have delivered IBM solutions to over a 1000+ customers worldwide.
Tangentia is a platinum partner with IBM. Our 15-year partnership with IBM has allowed us to develop a deep expertise and understanding of IBM’s services.
We can procure, set up, implement, and manage whatever solution you choose for your order management. Our team offers high-quality support for teams of all sizes, so you can scale your operations using customized implementations, access the training and support you need, and more.

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