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    Automated Scan and Pack Solution

Tangentia Warehouse Automation

This is a B2B e-Commerce solution which helps bring purchaser and it’s vendors on the same page by creating complete transparency and control over the packaging and dispatch process. Originally conceived for the Retail and FMCG vertical, the solution is generic enough to serve almost all Industry and Domain Verticals. Further, the solution is capable of integrating with any ERP that may be used by the Purchaser and hence can fit into any existing MIS Setup

About the Solution

The Tangentia Warehouse Automation Server Software is deployed in the Purchaser’s Server or Cloud Environment. The software typically interfaces with the in-house ERP through a REST Web Service interface. The vendor application is deployed at the vendor locations. The vendor application works in both, offline and online mode, and communicates with the server component via an internet connection.

Key Features:

The client-side vendor application has the following features:

  • Provides the ability to scan the barcode for every garment being packed
  • Supports multiple packing styles such as Solid packing and Ratio Packing
  • Ensures that the scanned article number is the correct one as per the PO and rejects an article that is not intended for that PO
  • Maintains a counter for the number of items and ensures that the number of items is within the configured tolerance levels
  • Automatically generates shipping related documents such as Carton Labels, packing lists, Proforma invoice and Final Invoice / Shipping note based on the scanned items
  • Automated email notifications eliminating the efforts needed to manually track packing status and send out emails
  • Communicates with its server counterpart to make the information about the packing process available in real time
  • Provides APIs to integrate with the vendor ERP for importing the final invoice where needed
  • Supports offline packing with automatic reconciliation with the server when connectivity is restored

The server-side application deployed on the Purchaser’s  cloud has the following features:

  • Can integrate with any ERP (eg. SAP) through Web Interface
  • Connects with vendor application over Internet through internal database and API mechanisms
  • Detects and Imports new purchase orders
  • seamlessly transfers the PO to the vendor application, and sends automated email notification to the vendor about the new PO
  • Interacts with Purchaser ERP and other systems for information such as Advance Shipping Note and Tracking Information, Quality Check status, Final Invoice for dispatch etc. to provide to vendors
  • Providing visibility on the status of packing, through reports generated from data received by the Warehouse Automation vendor application
  • Standardization of packing process and documentation across vendors
  • Real-time connectivity with geographically distributed Vendors eliminating the need for follow-ups
  • Eliminates up to 80% to 90% of validation effort from Purchaser
  • Potential reduction of 3% – 5% in packaging errors
  • Potential reduction in excess inventory by 60% – 70%
  • Automatic advance intimation of shipment from Vendor to Purchaser allowing better control over the incoming shipments
  • Offline packaging mode allows vendors to continue operations without overhead of manual reconciliation with the Purchaser
  • Supports all types of packaging modes

Awards & Recognition

Most profitable 500 companies in Canada 6th time in a row.

The fastest-growing companies in America 2018.

Tangentia Ranked in the Branham300 Listing.