Monthly Tangentia Byte July 2020

  • Monthly Tangentia Byte
    July 2020

As we enter Phase 3 of COVID19 re-opening in many parts of the World, Digital Workers in the workplace will be the new paradigm
Digital workers working side by side with employees is on the rise. If your organization is looking to automate mundane tasks in Accounts Payable , Finance or HR , we can help. Utilizing the robust capabilities of our partners such as Automation Anywhere , UiPath, IBM and Blue Prism , we can build an affordable solution that helps you cut costs and save time.

To book a demo with one of our RPA solution experts to discuss the impact of
Digital Workers for your organization, click below.
Are You Embracing all AI
Has to Offer?
AI can help your organization gain a competitive edge. Tangentia is one of the leading providers of AI services, helping companies harness the power of AI.

Visit our new website AI services page to learn more about our AI partners and capabilities.
Is Your Organization Implementing Digital Workers?
Drive more value out of your processes with RPA. We work with leading RPA partners such as Automation Anywhere, UiPath and Blueprism.

Visit our RPA services page to learn more about our experience and RPA use cases.
Meet New Government of India GST Compliance Requirements
Your organization has 60 days to get compliant in India with new GST E-invoicing requirements. Get compliant within 2 weeks with Tangentia E-invoicing Gateway to ensure you meet the deadline of October 1st, 2020.

Effortless EDI Compliance For Your Business with Tangentia Cloud EDI
Our EDI solutions keep your data flowing, so you can focus on scaling your business in the digital age. Tangentia Gateway lets companies develop cost-effective and flexible EDI solutions that are customized to your unique supply chain needs.
Tangentia is proud to be a corporate sponsor of the Goan Overseas Association Food Bank Concert in support of the Mississauga Food Bank.

Please click on the link below to donate online and you will
also receive a tax receipt from the Food Bank.

Let's Rock and Roll tonight to raise money for the Food Bank! #COVID19

Monthly Tangentia Byte June 2020

  • Monthly Tangentia Byte
    June 2020

What’s new at Tangentia?

June has been a busy month for the Tangentia team. We launched our AI enabled chatbot – TIA for Higher Ed, extended out Tangentia Gateway capabilities for e-Invoicing, and announced our Tangentia digital service offering AODA for website compliance.

To learn more about product and service offerings, check out the links below.

RPA Is Perfectly Positioned to Transform the Auto Industry

One of the hottest auto-buying markets in the world right now is India. In February of 2018, the sale of passenger vehicles
rose by over 7%. Read how we partnered with the largest car dealership in India in implementing an RPA solution that would help them with their auto sales process.

Deliver a Web Experience for All Ontario Residents

As an Ontario business owner providing online services and products, you need to be inclusive and deliver a website experience that is accessible to everyone.

Read how Tangentia can help you get AODA compliant today.

Introducing TIA for
Higher Education

TIA offers intelligent chatbot and voice capabilities. This makes it possible to efficiently provide students and the general public accurate and timely answers to their questions, improving their overall communication experience.
Read more about how TIA can help your business today.

AI-powered Chatbots in
Higher Education

Higher Education Institutes across the globe are turning to chatbots and AI to improve the student experience, provide virtual learning assistance, and accelerate student support services.
Learn how Tangentia’s AI-powered chatbots can transform the university and college experience .

Become Compliant with the new Indian Government E-invoicing requirement with Tangentia.

The new mandatory government regulations on e-invoicing for all businesses require a robust and simple platform. Tangentia is proud to introduce Tangentia E-invoicing Gateway (TEG), the latest module added to to Tangentia Gateway, which effectively equips organisations to navigate the statutory requirements recently introduced by the Indian Government.
Our solution provides the end-to-end framework for managing the new Invoice Reference Number (IRN) compliance regulations for users. TEG integrates with existing ERP systems, ensuring a seamless transition with minimal impact to existing processes and workflows.

Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian customers and partners. Enjoy the day off, stay safe

Monthly Tangentia Byte May 2020

  • Monthly Tangentia Byte
    May 2020

See ROI in your RPA & AI
investment in as little as few weeks
Robotic Process Automation can help your organization automate mundane tasks, reduce errors and streamline operational efficiencies. Whether you’re considering Automation Anywhere, UiPath, Blueprism or IBM Watson, we can help you on your journey to RPA with an experienced and certified team.
Get Started Today With a Free RPA & AI POC.
Contact the Tangentia Team Today!

How Automation Can Help Insurance Companies Change the Way They Do Business
Seamlessly integrating EDI data into an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is one area where many companies struggle. It’s important that these two systems communicate flawlessly to minimize processing times, eliminate errors, and avoid compliance issues.
Read our latest EDI blog
How Just-In-Time Inventory, EDI, & RPA Keep Your Business at its Most Efficient
Just-in-Time Inventory (JIT), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are a few strategies that you can utilize on your supply chain to be well on its way to an optimized system.
Read our latest blog to learn how you can implement an EDI and RPA strategy.

What is Robotic Process Automation?
Having access to an innovative technology that can greatly optimize labor-intensive processes is essential for businesses looking to maintain market dominance.
Check out our Robotic Process Automation infographic below
5 Things to Consider
When Choosing an
RPA Partner
With the increasing use of RPA across multiple industries, it can be overwhelming when trying to choose the right RPA partner for your organization. Yet, choosing the right partner is critical to the success of your business. Our latest blog highlights five things to consider when choosing an RPA partner for your organization
In The News : Tangentia Talkies
The closure of non-essential businesses and physical distancing mandates across the globe from COVID-19 has revealed an important challenge for organizations needing to quickly adopt a remote worker strategy. At Tangentia, we introduced a Remote Employee Engagement Program to tackle low morale and ensure open collaborations and a sense of team.
Here is Business Goa’s take on our latest employee initiative called
Automation Anywhere’s RPA and AI experience
Imagine is Automation Anywhere’s RPA and AI experience for customers and partners where knowledge and vision will frame a platform upon which you will profoundly impact your business.
It is an opportunity for you to connect with other organizations along their automation and RPA journeys. Gain the knowledge and confidence to move forward on automation and AI initiatives within your organization.
In 2020, Imagine Digital will kick off June 9th, 10th and 11th, 2020.
Customer Spotlight
Tangentia is a proud technology partner of Crumps Naturals
Crumps’ Naturals produces healthy dog and cat treats from their fully customized GFSI, CFIA & USDA-inspected food facility in Ontario, Canada with over 150 amazing employees, and has been bringing all natural products to your local pet store for the past 15 years.
To check out Crumps’ Naturals dog and cat treats, training treats, dental treats and more,

Monthly Tangentia Byte – April

  • Monthly Tangentia Byte
    April 2020

Watch Our On-Demand Webinars for RPA with
Automation Anywhere

This month we hosted a series of webinars with Automation Anywhere discussing how customers are utilizing RPA during the worldwise Covid-19 pandemic. Regardless of Industry you are in , from manufacturing, banking, health-care, a digital workforce can help with your business continuity plans ensuring your operations are meeting the demands of your customers.
Automation Anywhere and Tangentia make its easy and affordable to deploy bots and a digital workforce within your organization,
starting with a free POC.

Is Finance the Low Hanging Fruit for RPA?

Companies all over the globe are looking for new strategies to improve the everyday processes that they rely on to stay competitive. And while robotic process automation (RPA) is growing in popularity, finance departments may be the best fit for this innovative technology.

Compliance and RPA: Are They the Perfect Match?

Compliance is a big issue for many companies, especially with the coming of the GDPR, SOX compliance, HIPAA, and more. Whether a company handles sensitive data or needs to meet strict regulations, maintaining compliance is a company-wide effort.

Integrating Your EDI Data Into Your ERP Systems: What Are Your Options?

Seamlessly integrating EDI data into an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is one area where many companies struggle. It’s important that these two systems communicate flawlessly to minimize processing times, eliminate errors, and avoid compliance issues.

RPA in Banking
The Next BIG Thing

There are a few use cases for RPA in Banks. But these have so far been restricted to fraud detection and customer service to name a few. Now is the time when the banking industry must invest and build a digital workforce.

How is Tangentia Keeping its Employees
Engaged During Lockdown?

The closure of non-essential businesses and physical distancing mandates across the globe from COVID-19 has revealed an important challenge for organizations needing to quickly adopt a remote worker strategy. At Tangentia we introduced a Remote Employee Engagement Program to tackle low morale and ensure open collaborations and a sense of team.
Learn how the Tangentia team is staying connected during Covid-19 with “Tangentia Talkies”

It is wonderful for us at Tangentia to be part of this Goa Technology Association (GTA) video on how the members of the GTA have stood up strong to battle Covid -19 and have done everything to keep business continuity and to flatten the curve.
#Covid19 #GoaTechnologyAssociation #ITIsBetterInGoa

Welcome Aboard, Western Forest Products

Tangentia welcomes Western Forest Products to the ever-growing Tangentia family.
Western Forest Products is a leading forest products company that manufactures high-quality wood products and sustainably manages forests.
To see their amazing work,
click here

#StayHome #FlattenTheCurve

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Monthly Tangentia Byte – March

  • Monthly Tangentia Byte
    March 2020

COVID-19 : Here’s What’s Happening at Tangentia

Similar to other companies, COVID-19 is impacting Tangentia, too. We’re embracing this change of pace for the unique opportunities it’s providing. Read our company announcement on how we’re maintaining operations and focusing on customer success.

How RPA Can Help Companies Weather Uncertain Times

One fact we can’t ignore is that we never know what is waiting for us in the future,
whether it is a pandemic, natural disaster, war or another potential unknown of economic uncertainty and a disruption in work routines and productivity.
Read our latest blog on how RPA can be utilized to maintain your business operations.

RPA & Bots Helping Organizations Maintain Operations

As companies strive to protect employees, technology is playing an increasingly important role in the workplace. In particular, we are seeing the benefits of 
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
 and bots in helping to protect employees and the general public in innovative ways.

Tangentia EDI Offers Support for SWIFT 2020 Updates

 is a messaging network designed to facilitate the global transfer of funds. It works by sending electronic messages from one financial institution to another to notify them when a transfer of funds is made.

Robotic Process Automation
Is It Recession Proof?
Tom Taulli –

No doubt, it seems like video conferencing and remote work will become increasingly mainstream. But there are other corners of the tech industry that could be poised for transformations. One is actually Robotic Process Automation (RPA). 
Check out Forbes latest article on RPA.

Live Webinar | RPA and Business Continuity – Our Global Stories 
India April 21
2020 9:00am IST    |   Toronto April 29
2020 10:00am EST

As companies strive to protect employees, technology is playing an increasingly important role in the workplace. In particular, we are seeing the benefits of 
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
 and bots in helping to protect employees and the general public in innovative ways.

The Grand Finale of the 4th edition of the Tangentia Jigyasa Quiz 2020 was bigger & better than ever before
Congratulations to all of our winners and participants from across the country. After 6 arduous rounds of quizzing, we finally had our winners (listed below). A massive thank you to our sponsors, partners, volunteers and the audience at the finals as well as those who watched it on Facebook Live, you made this event a huge success.
Registrations are open for 2021, register below.

Tangentia Jigyasa 2020 champion, Sai Mitra Constructions represented by Naveen Kumar & Jayakanthan R

Second Runners Up – Edelweiss from Mumbai- Avinash Mudaliar & Meghashyam Shirodkar

First Runners Up – Open Destinations from Goa
 Sneha Kamat & Keshav Lawande

Welcome Aboard, TROPPIPETS

Tangentia welcomes 
to the ever-growing Tangentia family.
TroppiPets creates truly safe accessory for your four-pawed best friend, and makes eco-friendly pet bed Teepee that is 100 % recyclable and easy to assemble that Fits Small Dog and Large cats. 
To see their colorful pet Teepees,
click here

#StayHome #FlattenTheCurve

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Tangentia Newsletter – February 2020

  • Tangentia Newsletter
    February 2020

We Have Our 7 Finalists – Congratulations!
Come out to cheer the brightest minds in India as they compete for the title of Jigyasa 2020 Champion on March 7th in Goa and learn about the latest technology and business trends.

Barriers to Implementing
Robotic Process Automation
in Finance
Read our latest blog, to learn about the benefits of RPA for your business.
What is Robotic Process Automation? (RPA)
View our latest infographic to find out why 80% of business are using or considering RPA technology to manage their financial processes.

Find us here:
Agile RPA Implementation
Global Success Stories
Pune, India
Date: March 11, 2020
Time: 8am to 11am
Location: Hyatt Regency Pune & Residences, Weikfield IT Park, Nagar Road
Pune, Maharashtra, India, 411014
Find us here:
Canada India Insight
Event Gold Sponsors
Date: March 25, 2020
Time: 5.00 to 8.00 pm
Location: Paramount Eventspace, 222 Rowntree Dairy Road, Woodbridge, Ontario. L4L 9T2
Akash Singh, head of Tangentia’s North American Project Management Office,
will be speaking at the Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Summit
in Toronto on March 06, 2020 at 9:00am
Hiring in Canada, USA & India
Our team is growing we are hiring software developers, engineers and account managers who are looking to join a dynamic and innovative team.
Check out our careers page to learn more
For the second year in a row, Tangentia is a gold sponsor at TEDxPanaji.
Welcome Aboard, Indus Motors
We proudly welcomes Indus Motors to the ever growing Tangentia family.
Indus Motors is the #1 Car Dealer in India for the 13th consecutive year. 
They impressively deliver one car every 15 minutes!

Tangentia Newsletter – November 2019

  • Tangentia Newsletter
    November 2019

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November 2019
Global Boutique Digital Transformation
Tangentia moves to Toronto Waterfront,
the fastest growing global tech hub
In the last few years here at Tangentia, we have experienced tremendous growth as a Global Boutique Digital Transformation company. We have outgrown our offices in Toronto twice & are now moving to the beautiful new building, 130 Queens Quay. With many customers in the downtown area, it made sense that our new office be closer to them.

Robotic Process Automation
The next Big thing!
Robotics and Intelligent Automation is transforming the businesses of tomorrow. Mamatha Manu, Recruitment Manager at Tangentia writes how RPA can impact & empower your business & why it is the next Big thing to look out for,
Teaming Humans with Bots
Workplace strategy for the Future
At Tangentia, we envision workplaces of the future, where Bots & Humans will work alongside each other. Our Tangentia AI team works closely with our customers, visioning workplace strategies

Purchase Order Processing
The Purchase Order Processing Bot makes use of Automation Anywhere’s IQ BOT platform, wherein, the IQ BOT has been trained to understand different formats of Unstructured Purchase Orders (PDFs). The details of the invoices are captured into a CSV file.
EDI connector to UiPath for Robotic Process Automation
Tangentia’s EDI Connector develops an RPA enabled Accounts Payable Process to increase accuracy make it easily scalable. The EDI Connector within UiPath takes the user’s credentials & dates by establishing a secure connection with the EDI Portal, & then returns a list of Invoices and it’s details as the output of the UiPath activity.

Vibrant Goa Global Expo & Summit
Tangentia were Gold Sponsors at Vibrant Goa 2019, Goa’s largest international business expo & summit, which kicked off to much fanfare on 17th October 2019. The 3-day event saw an average of 50,000 footfalls per day, with participation from 56 countries, 20 Indian states & over 3000 businesses.

Financial Process Automation Conference 2019
Tangentia CEO Vijay Thomas addressing a packed audience at the VOX ISM F-PAC 2019. Tangentia is proud to be selected again as a key solutions provider to Microsoft Dynamics and Business Central. All attendees can get a free RPA and AI Proof of Concept (POC) from the Tangentia AI group.

Automation Anywhere’s Enterprise A2019 launch
Team Tangentia were at the launch of our partner Automation Anywhere’s new Enterprise #A2019 solution at the Nasdaq in New York. Tangentia and Automation Anywhere are working on next gen RPA solutions that can help power a smarter and better tomorrow.

IMEC Trilateral Conference 2019, Toronto
Tangentia was Gold sponsor of the Trilateral Conference between Canada, India & USA organized by IMEC (Impact Media & Events Corporation).

Automation Anywhere Imagine 2019, Bangalore
The dynamic #TangentiaAI team participated in the Automation Anywhere Imagine Event in Bangalore from 28th to 29th August & also participated in the BOT Games

ICCC Small Business Symposium, Toronto
Our team had a wonderful time interacting with Mary Ng , Federal Minister of Small Business, Government of Canada, Mayor of Markham Frank Scarpitti & business folks & attendees from the Greater Toronto Area at the ICCC Symposium & Expo..
Best Manufacturing Apps Conference Fall Edition
Tangentia is a leading manufacturing apps service provider with operations in Canada, USA & India. Tangentia has been leading the way in digital transformation by bridging the gap between manufacturing processes & apps & the wider push for automated business processes. The Microsoft BMAC – Best Manufacturing Apps Conference is the one-stop experience that brings together Canadian manufacturers & industry experts & keeps them ahead of manufacturing’s digital transformation.
Tangentia in Vic Fedelli Business Mission to India
Ontario Finance Minister Vic Fedelli will be travelling to Delhi and Mumbai in November and Tangentia is pleased to be part of the delegation.
Executive Roundtables - Driving Business Transformation with AI & Cognitive Automation

Join Tangentia and Automation Anywhere in Saskatoon on Nov 13 for an afternoon rendezvous with AI & Cognitive Automation. Join Tangentia customers, Automation Anywhere experts & Tangentia leadership to discuss your AI & Automation journey.
Learn how Tangentia’s solutions around RPA & specifically IQ Bot & Enterprise A2019 from Automation Anywhere can help Drive Business Transformation with AI & Cognitive Automation”
Join us on Nov 14 in Toronto for the
Executive Round-table event.

Meet Our Partners

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