ABBYY Flexicapture

About ABBYY FlexiCapture

ABBYY FlexiCapture is an intelligent platform for capturing meaningful data, relationships and insights from documents, forms and correspondence to improve business outcomes. It transforms documents into business value by capturing and validating the information in any format at its point of need.
Flexicapture classifies documents and extracts data turning content into structured, actionable information, dramatically improving the customer experience, and increasing operational efficiency.

Why choose Flexicapture ?
  • Intelligent capture – Automatically classify, extract, validate and direct business-critical data, whether it’s from incoming customer communications and operational processes, such as invoices, supporting documents, tax forms, onboarding documents, correspondence, claims, or orders.
  • Classification technology detects every incoming document type, including images, by using deep learning Convolution Neural Networks and sorts documents by appearance or pattern; and text classification which relies on statistical and semantic text analysis.
  • Auto-learning – The technology helps users to train the system to process flexible or irregular document layouts while the administrator retains full control to edit, fine-tune or discard auto-learning results. The system continuously learns and improves based on feedback from users leveraging ABBYY advanced machine learning and Natural Language Processing.
  • Image enhancement – ABBYY Image Enhancement automatically improves images captured by mobile devices to optimize processing
How Tangentia can help your business
  • Tangentia has competent and trained professionals in ABBYY Flexicapture who can build new solutions and services on top of established, well-branded Data Capture technology
  • Can provide integration services and customized solutions for customers and address customer needs
  • Tangentia has a pool of trained professionals who can be deployed onsite for short term and long term projects
About Tangentia

Tangentia is a global boutique IT consulting firm specializing in Automation, AI, EDI, Digital and Enterprise Security. We are proudly Canadian with headquarters in Toronto and have offices in US (NY) and India (Goa). Our associates and ecosystem partners operate in 30+ countries adopting a “Think Global, act Local “approach.


15+ years executing projects across Canada, USA, India and other countries


1000+ customers & proven success stories


11 Fortune 500 customers, over 10 Billion USD in SaaS transactions


IP based Products, SaaS Platforms and Managed Service Solutions


Partnering is a core value and fundamental part of our corporate strategy

Our Global Practices

We have global practice running across the globe situated in Toronto, New York and Goa.

  • 25+ specialists
  • Vertical Focus
  • Bot Building
  • Roadmap definition
  • Off-site & On-Site Training
  • Best Practice Webinars
  • Competitions
  • Collaborations
  • Center of Excellence (COE)

Awards & Recognition

Most profitable 500 companies in Canada 6th time in a row.

The fastest-growing companies in America 2018.

Tangentia Ranked in the Branham300 Listing.